What insurance do we take?

We pride ourselves in only accepting insurances that allow us to provide the best care possible to you. The following insurances are readily accepted at DCPT: Medicare, Tri-West, GEHA, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Atena, United Health, and many more. WE DO NOT accept any HMO’s. It is very important that wherever you decide to go for Physical Therapy, that you call your insurance company first. This call is to verify coverage, provider network, amount of coverage, to obtain your cost share, etc. This will eliminate any hidden surprises after the fact.

What is the education and experience of your office?

The requirement to become a Physical Therapist has now been elevated to a Doctorate degree. All Staff member at the present time have either a Masters or higher degree. Those that do not have a Doctorate are presently working toward it. Our professional staff has over 100 years of combined experience and going. We do not at this time have any Therapist with less than 10 years experience. Our back office support staff has over 30 years of combined experience. Taking this into account, the entire Staff from the Front office to Back Office has almost 200 years of combined experience to care for you.

What can I expect from my first visit?

Your initial visit may take up to 90 minutes. During this time you will receive a comprehensive evaluation by a Physical Therapist. The Therapist will attempt to find the root of your problem, develop a detail treatment program, develop an exercise plan, answer your questions related to you problems, and design useful tools for you to take home to assist you in your recovery. IT is VERY IMPORTANT that when you schedule your appointment that you dedicate this time to us. Not giving us sufficient time for your evaluation will compromise our ability to treat you.

Who will be treating me?

You will always be treated by a Physical Therapist. Your appointment will be with a specific Physical Therapist. The Therapist will be assisted by an experienced Physical Therapy Aide. Several of our Therapists have expertise in specific areas, therefore you will be assigned to one of these individual if your diagnosis warrants it. All of our Therapist have exposures to many diagnoses and are able to treat you, but we feel that you need the best for your situation for the best outcome.

How many visits will it take before I start to feel better?

We do not have a crystal ball but we will do our best to work with Mother Nature to give you a speedy recovery. A lot of your recovery depends on receiving the appropriate treatment and exercise at the specific time along with your compliance in doing what you were instructed to do at home.

Why am I here? What is Physical Therapy going to do for me? Are you going to hurt me?

Your doctor felt that our services will assist you in getting back to your prior level of function faster and easier with our assistance. Our Clinic does not use the motto of No Pain No Gain. We will use proven techniques, modalities, and treatments to maximize your recovery.

Shall I continue taking my medications while I have Physical Therapy?

You should take all medication as directed by your Physician. Pain medications prior to treatments are beneficial to help you during and after your treatment. Medication does not work as well once your pain becomes too severe. It is better to be ahead of your pain instead of trying to catch up.

Can I continue going to my Chiropractor or Acupuncturist along with my Physical Therapy?

We would prefer that you not get treatments from other provider during the time you are seeing us. If you see multiple providers, we will not know which provider is helping or exacerbating your symptoms. Insurance companies may perceive this as duplication of services and not cover your services.

How many treatments will I have in Physical Therapy?

This is dependent on your response to Therapy. If you show not improvement, we can not justify further treatments for you. One must show definitely improvements to continue treatments. Treatments are also predicated on what we find in your evaluation, correspondence with your Physician, and limitation set forth by your insurance policy.


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