“A friend recommended Dos Caminos Physical Therapy to me. I had no idea what an impact it would have on my life. I had 4 previous strokes, and my balance deteriorated with each one. I previously had physiocal therapy in another state, and it did nothing to help me. I was very disoriented whenever I was outside. I now walk much better, and still hold on to someone whe outside, but nothing like I did. My family is amazed at the progress, I now can turn my head without feeling like I am totally off balance!”

Great therapy , and my, do they know what they are doing. To top it all off, they couldn’t be nicer! My thanks to Tanya and all the others who worked with me.  Needless to say, I am recommending themto anyone!”

- A grateful patient

“I am so thankful with you all for taking care of my back during the last couple of months. You are the best!”

- Regards,
Maria Emilia H.

‘I’ve had to use the services of Dos Caminos Physical Therapy many times over the years. I have always found the staff to be efficient, courteous and caring and the outcome of my treatment excellent”

 - Dottie L.

“Fred, Tanya, and Everyone,

I wanted to let you all know that about 3 days ago, my knee just stopped popping! I’ve been doing my exercises ~ which had helped the pain ~ but that darned popping seemed to linger! Anyhow, it just stopped, and I have you all to thank! I do miss my mornings at Physical Therapy ~ you all were so great! I would imagine that I would run into Fred + the grandkids somewhere about town, as we frequent the same preschool attractions, and now I’ll maybe be able to say “Hi” before my knee announces my presence for me!

Thank you so much!”
- Kristie A.

“I was referred to Dos Caminos due to extensive shoulder surgery. I am 71 years old and felt that I may not get full usage of my shoulder and arm again. Prior to surgery, I regularly lifted weights and participated in sports.

Dr. King conducted a very thorough pre therapy interview that extended to all phases of my lifestyle. He stated that it would aid him and his staff in fully understanding where I was prior to my surgery and what would be needed to restore usage of the limb.

The therapy program was performed to treat my particular injury.  At no time did I feel that it was a “cookie-cutter” program. All staff members were knowledgable, helpful but most of all they tried to make the treatment comfortable and threw in a “dose” of fun while at the same time encouraging me on to the next level of healing and restoration of the affected area.  They kept me informed as to my progress and the next steps.

In a short period of time I had full use of my arm and shoulder. I am now exercising, lifting weights and have returned to my sports programs.

For many years I have had a spinal disk problem. Many days I could not functional my full potential. I spoke to my Orthopedic Doctor who did an MRI and suggested I try a series of back therapy treatments. Because, of my prior excellent experience, I chose Dos Caminos. Six visits, therapy, and a program that Dos Caminos taught me to do daily at home, have left me totally pain free and fully functional.

I would highly recommend Dos Caminos to anyone who requires physical therapy.”


“A very good morning to you Fred,

It’s been a few weeks now since I completed my therapy and I wanted to provide you and your folks with some timely feedback on my experience at your facility. This was my second experience at your office and an equally successful/rewarding experience.

I can’t say enough about your facility and staff. The personal treatment, well guided therapy and structured/innovative work you do every day with such success is remarkable, it is really refreshing!

I liked the intimate setting, without the overpowering large scale gym setting, heavy equipment all about with uttering’s of memberships and customary shuffling from technician to technician that I’ve experienced at other facilities.

Although I will be 65 this year, I like to think that I am probably one of your more active lifestyle clients, so regaining and optimizing my mobility and overall health is very important to me, I feel you did that in all regards.

Noting my casual observation of your other patients recieving therapies, their handling was also personal and like my therapy, theirs was also well guided, innovative with specialized techiques  and other treatments that really produce results for them too – well done!

You have a great staff, they team well and you can clearly see that they all support the operations at your office, as one.

Many thanks for getting me out on my own again, people in this area need to know about you, your office and facilities, keep up the great work!”

 - Sincerely,
Thomas G.


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